Helicoverpa armigera. Photo taken by Erling Fløistad

Cotton Bollworm. Photo Erling Fløistad

WP1 - Defining VOC signatures of target pests


D1.1 Seven Portable head space VOC collection devices.
D1.2 List of VOCs and VOC patterns of target pests in pure culture.
D1.3 List of VOC from oviposition deterrent.
D1.4 Final List of VOCs and VOC patterns detected from plants with different target pests
D1.5 Six draft Manuscripts for publications
D1.6 List of VOCs released from relevant pest described in the literature.

WP2 - Sensor development and optimisation


D2.1 Technical interface specification for sensor components integration.
D2.2 Report on performance of individual sensor system components.
D2.3 First Compatible Sensor System Components to be integrated in WP3

WP3 - Sensor integration and


D3.1 First sensor system prototype.
D3.2 Report on functional testing performance of Sensor System Prototype.
D3.3 Sensor systems to be used in field tests in WP4
D3.4 Final report on sensor system performance

WP4 - Tests and demonstration in relevant environment



Draft manuscripts on detection of target pests from artificially infested plant material and in relevant environments using VOC signatures and a newly developed senso platform.

D4.2 List of technical improvements to optimize the prototype sensor.

WP5 - Analyze the impact and implementation of PurPest


D5.1 Literature review on impacts.
D5.2 Report on the regional distribution of damage costs by farm type.
D5.3 Results of the farm survey about preferred control options.
D5.4 Results of the case studies on the benefits and costs of using pest-specific VOC sensors.
D5.5 Recommendation for policy changes to support effective pest detection.
D5.6 Seven draft manuscripts for publication.

WP6 - Dissemination, communication and Exploitation


D6.1 Project Website.
D6.2 Detailed Plan for dissemination and exploitation including communication activities.
D6.3 Report on the project interface with other global initiatives.
D6.4  White paper (Policy recommendations).
D6.5 Report on the dissemination and communication activities.

WP7 - Project management


D7.1 Report on the first report meeting.
D7.2 First DMP draft.
D7.3 Updated DMP.
D7.4 Final DMP.
Cotton Bollworm. Photo Erling Fløistad

Cotton Bollworm. Photo Erling Fløistad

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